I’m not pessimistic..I just know bullshit when it’s in my face..and you all should too!

This current administration ran by 45. I will not call him by his name because he does not deserve my respect. Truth! The absence of common sense and the thought process of knowing how much damage humans have contributed to. When I mean humans, I say white people! Yes, I said it! White people in the last 500-800 years your march of world domination has dramatically caused the decline of every species on EARTH including humans. From colonization, deforestation, industrial agriculture, poaching, wildlife destruction, worldwide slavery, human destruction, cultural destruction, and no respect for any culture or humans that differ from yourselves I can go on. I can safely argue this shit is TRUE! No pollution, endangered species, mass human forced migrations, death and destruction has ever happened on this level until you came along. Yeah, I said it. Hell you’ve been doing to yourselves for hundreds of years. No wonder you are so perfect at it. Like I said, the denial will kill everyone until we start and I mean humans as a whole population against the whims of a few billionaires start to kill, embarrass, or expose them! These fucktards want nothing but money and power that is all they respect. They don’t even respect life and truthfully not even their own. Which is a serious mental sickness. In this day and age we KNOW fucking better! No white man or woman you are NOT better than anyone else on this planet. The sad reality is that you know this already. Your genes proved it. So now what? Does it fucking even matter.

Everything you’ve built upon is lies and bullshit and the sooner you understand that your system of supremacy is the failure of the entire planet to thrive and evolve as a whole. The better things will be to try and fix this shit sandwich! The awful, gross, scab of truth must be pulled back to reveal whats really underneath.  I know this will happen, the truth will come out in rivers and lakes by the tons. These posts will not go as a ranting of a mother witch but the truth shouted in the dark and muted by the bullshit of this world. It will ring true and Ma’at will be restored. Nature will make sure that your reign will come to a abrupt stop. Hell  there will be be a natural earth bound solution that will cause your demise. Orisas and Oludumare hear our pleas and cries. Our ancestors blood call from the ground soaked with their bones and bodies. There will be a worldwidespiritual  uprising that will come as a tsunami and they will not be able to stop it. NOTHING will and African spirituality, Ma’at will reset back into place. As it has always happened for millions and millions of years! I await it and wish to see Ma’at come back into balance to have my future generations thrive as we should in peace with this planet. It is a living, breathing, organisms itself.

Better things….

As I look in anticipation of the coming months and year I can’t help but feel in a sense we, the American African community are going to be forced to cooperate, build, and sustain our own group economics! It is long overdue American African! LONG OVERDUE! This administration will either push us to be the strongest front the world will ever see; or push us to being complacent cattle to slaughter. I’m betting on the first! American African yes, that’s what I call us. We were born on this soil but our ancestors, mind, body, DNA, spirit is African! No debate on this matter we are American Africans! There will be better things to come. I look forward to REAL nation building because we are going to need it for survival.

We must take a stand or get ran over!

Today President Trump signed to grant access for the Dakota Pipeline in North Dakota. Ancestors I call upon you today to STOP THIS DEAD IN ITS TRACKS! We the must band together to fight, to call upon the orisas, eguns, and Oludumare to bring a healing and stop this madness of polluting the earth! Today I invoke all natural spirits to bring this access and any other to damage the earth here in the United States to come to a halting failure!

Monday’s affirmation

I humbly first acknowledge and give respect to Oludumare, my Ori, my ancestors, all Orishas, Iyammi,  my Egunguns (love you all for all the strength given daily), Egbe, and all Elders, High Priests, High Priestesses. Priests, and Priestesses. My many thanks and gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom given on a daily basis. I affirm to traverse my ancestral and spiritual path may the path be enlightening, may I learn and share that knowledge freely, may my heart continue to flow inward and outward with gratitude. I pray that my ancestors direct my path to learn for a gifted, wise, patient, kind, elder. This is an oral tradition, let me not be afraid and steadfastly move into the direction of continuous progressive growth and understanding. Let my children learn and love the African spiritual tradition as much as I have and more. Let their lights continue to illuminate whereas daily they live the Orisa life. This isn’t a spectator way of life but let our life be one of continued positive movement in African tradition. Let my love for African traditions and people grow! Ase O

I wrote this today to keep my head above anything negative that may bring me into confusion, anger, and lack. May I give my all to the upliftment of my African people in America and worldwide. Let my heart, mind, spirit, be humble and open for learning. May I sit quietly to learn at the feet of elders.

The ShitStorm is Here!

Today as I read through some of the inaugural speech given by Donald Trump, it puts me in the mindset of the book “1984.”. We’ve yes,  I said we elected a fucking TV personality host as president. Whether you voted for him, did not vote, or cast you ballot for another candidate. We voted for him. The most troubling rhetoric in his speech stems from the “law and order” portion. Tell me, Mr. Trump when was the last time you spoke with a victim of police misconduct or brutality? Tell me, Mr. Trump with the scathing report from the Justice Department about the civil and human rights violations of many brown and black citizens perpetrated by the Chicago Police Department for many years. Have you even looked at the report? With the countless numbers of humans set adrift in the penal systems of America that have been found years later to be innocent, have you talked to them?

I am for law enforcement when it comes to protecting citizens, ALL citizens. Not the ones you want to protect. Protest is what makes America great. Or did you forget about that small tea party in the Boston Harbor over 200 years ago? Protest gets shit done! It calls attention to pains, frustrations, and sense of hopelessness in a community. When you close the bar to peacefully and openly protest the ills that seem to be ignored, you create an atmosphere of fear and repression. Fear and repression can push people into only one direction. Full out war and rebellion. So be very careful, Mr. Trump you words, rhetoric, disdain for any idea that counters your own may usher in the ” Next Revolutionary War” here on American soil! It is long overdue!

Some Days are better than others.

I began this journey simply to live a healthier life. I have had more positive than negative feedback, which has helped as well, I know I will have those, “Ughhhh!” frustrated moments but, I try to keep it positive no matter what. Today is Day:6 of my 30 day juice fast. Yes, I’ve had great support, those watching what I’m doing, and curious questions. Even though I am resound in what I’m doing, I feel blah. Why? No matter what I will work through it. (God willing) I think it’s because of my work environment. You know what sometimes you have to be the “light” in the midst of naysayers.